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Lund University was founded in 1666 and is repeatedly ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. The University has 40 000 students and 7 400 staff based in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö. We are united in our efforts to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition.

The Faculty of Science conducts research and education within Biology, Astronomy, Physics, Geosciences, Chemistry, Mathematics and Environmental Sciences. The Faculty is organized into nine departments, gathered in the northern campus area. The Faculty has approximately 1500 students, 330 PhD students and 700 employees.

The Department of Physics is with a staff of about 350 scientists and educators one of the largest departments within Lund University. There are seven research divisions and a number of research centra within the department. The research activities at the department cover a broad spectrum of modern physics.

Researcher: Imaging analysis tools 

The Division of Synchrotron Radiation Research ( has during recent years been the fastest growing part of the Physics Department, with now more than 40 employees. The main focus of the research is experimental studies of electronic, structural, and chemical properties of materials, especially nanostructures and surfaces. The division collaborates with researchers within areas such as physics, chemistry, biology and medicine.

Admire is a cross-scientific graduate school focused on microscopy and micro imaging. Microscopy methods have developed with an increasing rate in the last few decades and have become the foundation for much of modern research in physics, chemistry, materials science, biology and science. The number of microscopy techniques has increased almost exponentially; often a new method has been developed based on a precise problem faced by a researcher in a particular field. ADMIRE focuses on microscopy spanning across a number of research fields, since most of modern and future science will depend on already existing and newly developed microscopy methods.

Job assignments
Computational image analysis, reconstruction, sorting, noise suppression etc. has become a central part in many research projects across all disciplines of natural science. Many computational and automation methods exists, but they typically demands a huge learning curve to be exploited by the individual Ph.D student (or other researcher). The aim of this project is to develop a package of computer/online based image analysis and educational tools for aiding research at the highest international level within the natural sciences. This package should be a starting point for image analysis which can then be built on by the students.

As a first step in the project, the successful candidate will work together with Ph.D students on a number of high level scientific projects to define needed image analysis tools. This will also include scientific work with the students on the analysis to obtain publishable results at the highest level. These projects will span several disciplines at the natural science faculty and include projects related to the large scale facilities MAX IV and ESS in Lund.

As a next step, the researcher will use this experience to develop an image analysis package including the most relevant imaging tools, software interfaces and example routines to simplify the practical use. This should also involve development of videos, wikis and/or text based educational segments that will introduce the students to image analysis. The project will thus give both the opportunity to participate in a wide range of research projects with an emphasis on image analysis. As well as giving a lasting contribution to the opportunities of our Ph.D students to learn the use of imaging analysis software/programming at the highest level.

The position is placed at Synchrotron Radiation Research, but is directly connected to the Admire research school and the successful applicant will be working together with the leadership of Admire and other senior researchers to develop the project.


  • You will identify and adapt existing software for image analysis to enable the easy implementation, learning and further development for Ph.D students for a wide range of natural science disciplines.
  • You will participate in a number of research projects together with Ph.D students to identify and develop suitable tools for image analysis.
  • You will participate in physical course development and in particular be responsible for an image analysis course using the software ImageJ.
  • You will lead the development of software for image analysis, if suitable codes do not exist.
  • You will define a coherent starting package and develop an information platform for Ph.D students or other researchers in need to use or develop image analysis tools.
  • You will use a number of existing imaging software (both free and commercial) as well as programming in MatLab, Python or others.


  • You hold a PhD in natural sciences within areas relevant for the Admire research school.
  • You have good knowledge of imaging analysis and handling.
  • You have experience in writing data analysis codes and/or programming in different computer languages.
  • You have a demonstrated ability to work independently.
  • You have good command of English, good communication skills and the ability to easily work with different teams across several scientific disciplines.

The following qualifications are considered an asset:

  • Experience with teaching in the area of image analysis or data handling.
  • Experience in writing scientific software. 
  • Experience with hardware programming and/or interfacing for imaging.
  • Experience with professional imaging analysis software tools.
  • Experience with data storage and handling of large data sets
Type of employment Temporary position longer than 6 months
Contract type Full time
First day of employment as soon as possible
Salary monthly salary
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100%
City Lund
County Skåne län
Country Sweden
Reference number PA2017/2161
  • Anders Mikkelsen, +46462229627
  • Maria Messing, +46462223691
Union representative
  • OFR/ST:Fackförbundet ST:s kansli, 046-222 93 62,
  • SACO:Saco-s-rådet vid Lunds universitet, 046-222 93 64,
Published 17.Jul.2017
Last application date 20.Aug.2017 11:59 PM CET

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