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Lunds universitet grundades 1666 och rankas återkommande som ett av världens 100 främsta lärosäten. Här finns 40 000 studenter och 7 400 medarbetare i Lund, Helsingborg och Malmö. Vi förenas i vår strävan att förstå, förklara och förbättra vår värld och människors villkor.

MAX IV-laboratoriet är en nationell forskningsanläggning som tillhandahåller forskningsinstrument för forskare från Sverige och övriga världen. Här forskas inom bland annat materialvetenskap, strukturbiologi, kemi och nanoteknologi. Fullt utbyggt kommer man att ta emot mer än 2 000 forskare årligen. 200 personer är idag anställda vid MAX IV-laboratoriet.

SoftiMAX is a soft x-ray beamline for coherent soft x-ray microscopy and imaging at the 3 GeV ring of the MAX IV Laboratory. It consists of 2 branches, one for Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy & Ptychography and the other for 'Coherent X-ray Imaging' techniques (eg., Holography) and Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering.

Microscopy with (coherent) X-rays will enable nm-resolution imaging through fluorescence, absorption, and coherent diffraction contrast in diverse fields ranging from nanoscience and magnetism to environmental and life science. The designs of both experimental stations have therefore to comply with high demands on flexibility and mechanical stability as well as consider precision, speed and resolution of the positioning stages and accommodate various detectors.

In order to develop and establish internal expertise in soft x-ray microscopy techniques at SoftiMAX, and more generally at MAX IV, we are now seeking to hire an instrumentation scientist/research engineer with a background and strong interest in synchrotron radiation-based techniques and instrumentation with a focus on soft x-ray imaging and microscopy development.


The SoftiMAX beamline project is currently run by two scientists and receives further support and advise from different groups at MAX IV staff (IT, engineering, alignment etc) at similar beamlines and external experts. Together with them you will:

-Take an active role in the design, operation, maintenance and further development of the two instruments and associated techniques. This involves mechanical and electronic design work, control software development and finding innovative solutions for novel experiments and sample environments.
-Participate in the installation, testing and commissioning of the beamline and its experimental stations to reach optimal performance.
Develop beamline diagnostics and evaluate the stability and performance of all instruments.
Share responsibility for the operation of the beamline and support users during their experiments. 


-The candidate must hold a PhD in natural sciences or a natural science degree + a minimum of 5 years working experience at a synchrotron facility.
-The candidate must have demonstrated hands-on knowledge of (soft) x-ray instrumentation and associated techniques, preferably those envisaged at SoftiMAX. -Experience in development of software code for instrumentation control with C++ or Python is required.
-Demonstrated ability to work independently, a good command of English as well as communication and teamworking skills are further requests.

The following qualifications are considered a merit:

-Experience in micro/nano-positioning and scanning technology (eg. piezos).
-Experience in vacuum instrumentation and cryogenics.
Experience of user support at synchrotron beam lines or similar user-oriented research facility.
Experience in the use of experimental techniques relevant to SoftiMAX, including the relevant hardware (2D-detectors, photomultiplier tubes, SDD detectors, zoneplates, etc). 

In short: If you spend your time exploring new ways to use (soft) x-rays and adapting existing (soft) x-ray instruments to get even more exciting measurements, plus you are normally the person people turn to for ‘technical assistance’ in their projects than you are the one we are looking for.

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  • Karina Thånell, Scientist, +46-709 32 30 20
  • Jörg Schwenke, +46-725 48 60 42
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Publicerat 2017-10-12
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